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Other manually assisted delivery Category Notes: The category notes shown in this box will increase your understanding and correct usage of this ICD9 Vol. 3 procedure code 73. 59. (CPT) manual. Maternity Care and Delivery is a subsection of the Surgery section.

Surgical procedures are Use the appropriate vaginal delivery code (usually or ) for the first newborn. Obstetrical Billing& Multiple Birth Guidelines Quick Reference Guide 73. 59 Other manually assisted delivery The above description is abbreviated. This code description may also have Includes, Excludes, Notes, Guidelines, Examples and other information.

code O80: The delivery is entirely normal (requiring minimal or no manually assisted delivery without forceps, administration of analgesics andor anesthesia, fetal monitoring, induction of labor without medication, and has a completely normal delivery. Reference: ICD10CM and ICD10PCS Coding Handbook 2014 Examples of procedures performed on the products of conception are manually assisted delivery (10E0XZZ), delivery with mid forceps (10D07Z4), and low cervical cesarean section (10D00Z1).

Examples of procedures performed on the pregnant female are repair of vaginal laceration (0UQGXZZ), episiotomy (0W8NXZZ), episiorrhaphy (0WQNXZZ). When using the code 650, the following procedures may be used: other manually assisted delivery, fetal monitoring, epidural, induction of labor by artificial rupture of membranes, episiotomy and other artificial rupture of membranes at the time of delivery.

Oct 21, 2015 icd10 code for vacuumn assisted delivery? In O80 minimal assistance can be anything which is not specifically mentioned. 2015 ICD9CM Procedure 73. 59 Other manually assisted delivery; Note: approximate conversions Manual assisted delivery code ICD9CM codes and ICD10PCS codes may require clinical interpretation in order to determine the most appropriate conversion code(s) for your specific coding situation. BILLING MANUAL CHAPTER 10 INDIVIDUAL PRACTITIONER SERVICES 1 44 Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System For all other labor and delivery, ASA codes (Anesthesia for vaginal delivery only) and code (Anesthesia for Cesarean delivery only) should be used.

2015 ICD9CM Procedure 73. : Other Procedures Inducing Or Assisting Delivery. Other Procedures Inducing Or Assisting Delivery 73 73. 5 Manually Assisted Delivery; 73. 51 Manual rotation of fetal head convert 73. 51 to ICD10PCS; ICD10PCS: Obstetrics Intact perineum No Code AROM to augment labor ZC ICD10PCS Index Vaginal delivery ICD10PCS Table Delivery Manually assisted 10E0XZZ Products of Conception 10E0XZZ Vacuum assisted see Extraction, Products of Conception 10D0 This page contains information about ICD9 code: 7359 Procedure.

Please feel free to use this information at your convenience. MANUAL ASSIST DELIV NEC (OTHER MANUALLY ASSISTED DELIVERY) Full code's title Similar ICD9 Codes: V2385 (Diagnosis) Pregntassist repro tech (Pregnancy resulting from assisted reproductive technology)

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