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Feb 17, 2014  Cycle Analyst 2. 3 evelbike. Loading Unsubscribe from evelbike? Cycle Analyst Version 3 Three Speed Setting Setup Example By Edward Lyen Duration: 2: 04. doing their own custom wiring harness directly into the Cycle Analyst enclosure: Explanation of Top Row Accessory Pads Throttle In (Thi): This is the input signal for the user throttle.

With the V3 Cycle Analyst, all the ebike signals, from your brake cutoffs to your throttle to your pedal sensor, are first intercepted at the Cycle Analyst. The CA then processes all of these inputs to determine how to control your bike, which it then does via one standard throttle output signal to The Cycle Analyst (formerly called DrainBrain) is the first digital dashboard and battery monitor originally designed around the specific needs of electric bicycles.

However, the flexible setup configurations, wide feature range, and affordable price have led it to widespread appeal in a range of other EV applications. Unofficial CA V3 User Guide AutoCruise Control The Cycle Analyst can be configured to provide a firmwareonly autocruise control capability that holds the present The Cycle Analyst User Manual Large Screen Edition. The Cycle Analyst 2. 23 Grin Technologies Ltd. 3. 3 WiringoftheCAHC rd To Cycle Analyst Motor Controller CNTRLRBATT (Fuse) OnOff Switch To Motor Controller The next three setup items only matter to Cycle Analysts that have The Cycle Analyst Version 2.

3 Update List DC Power Plug Communication Cable Aug 2012. This is a recently released Version 2. 3 Cycle Analyst. The operation is almost identical to the V2.

25 devices described in the included user manual, with the following changes: 1) The Cycle Analyst picks up the vehicle speed information using either a spoke magnet, or in Cycle analyst manual 2.3 case of the Cycle analyst manual 2.3 device, through the hall sensor signals from a brushless motor controller. There are two versions of Cycle Analyst Available: Cycle Analyst v 2. 3 Stand alone with Shunt.

Recomended if you are only interested in reading statistical The V3 Cycle Analyst has a total of 11 display screens to scroll through, and as a user you can mask screens that you dont want to show up from the preferences section If you have a version 2. 3 Cycle Analyst, youll need to also solder a 1, 000 ohm resistor in line with the wire you connect to the throttle signal pad. If you have a Version 3. 0 or high Cycle Analyst, you simply solder your wire straight to the throttle signal pad.

The Cycle Analyst Meter is a great meter and tool for electric vehicles. Cycle Analyst Meter The Cycle Analyst by Grin Technologies gives you speedometer and many other dashboard features and battery monitor functions, including a very useful Watt Hours monitor.

Cycle Analyst User Manual

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