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CONTAX 35mm F2. 0 Contax G1& G2 Cameras. by Contax. 899. 99 (4 used offers) Pheonix 2880mm f for Contax Yashica (Manual Focus) by Pheonix. 69. 99 69 99 8. 00 shipping. Only 1 left in stock order soon. Canon, Nikon, Tamron and Sigman all have telephoto lenses have a builtin image stabilizing system.

The benefit of Aug 19, 2004 Contax G2 manual focusing. Discussion in 'Accessories' started by igorfeldman, Aug 13, 2004.

When you look through the viewfinder of the G2 using manual focus you will see a pixel that represents the object that the G2 is currently pointing at. Certainly I can focus a Leica M6 without having to have a lens attached AND I can focus a Jan 01, 2018 Why are Contax G2's so alluring? Discussion in 'Rangefinder Forum ' started by I have plenty of cameras. I shoot primarily medium format manual focus rangefinders, so that is what I consider my natural environment.

I have a Nikon FM2n set up with many primes, from 20mm up to 85mm. Nikon Fs, Leica Ms and Rollei TLRs do the same Shop eBay for great deals on Contax Manual Focus Camera Lenses for Yashica. You'll find new or used products in Contax Manual Focus Camera Lenses for Yashica on eBay. Contax Manual Focus Camera Lenses for Contax. Contax Manual Focus Camera Lenses for Nikon. Shop eBay for great deals on Manual Focus Rangefinder Camera Lenses for Contax. You'll find new or used Manual Focus Rangefinder Camera Lenses for Contax on eBay.

Free shipping on selected items. Today, a Contax G2 sells used for less than a new Nikon D5000. The modern, smooth, autofocus Contax G2 system is significantly more advanced and refined than the 1950sbased manual focus LEICA system of today. The Contax G2 is like no other rangefinder on Earth. In fact, its technological ethos employs certain tricks that are outright heresy to diehard fans of the classic rangefinder; it runs on batteries, its manual focus mode is terrible, and its viewfinder lacks frame lines and a Contax G2 Rangefinders DESCRIPTION The G2 raises the standard for rangefinder cameras with a four frame per second integrated motor drive, top shutter speeds of up to second, X sync at 1200 second and adds an extended baseline autofocus system.

The Contax G2 Guest Review by Adam Laws Posted on April 23, 2016. Of course I could shoot the Contax G2 in full manual, but when you have the options of automated everything I found myself ultimately getting lazy, and shooting it as I would a digital camera. The manual focus is not truly manual. It depends upon the cameras focus system. Autofocus, continuous focus, single focus, DX ISO, single shooting or continuous shooting, auto film advance and auto shutter speed.

The camera is built to set the aperture and let the camera do the rest. The manual even starts with setting up the camera in that way. Manual for Contax G2 can be found HERE. Please make a contribution as this The G2 has a dedicated AF mode selector for Single or Continuous AF, or manual focus.

Inside this selector is a new dedicated AF lock button. Unlike the G1, you The Contax G (like the Nikon F6) Comments on" Fastest Thumb in the West" Chris Chen February 9, 2005 12: 11 PM. Kudos for pointing out what should be obvious. I use the same method, having stumbled upon it as the closest G2 analog to the way I focus a manual RF. Gregg Humphrey February 9, Feb 27, 2014 Focusing is excellent and manual focus is possible through that small knob which you see on the adapter. Even though AF is fairly reliable, magnified manual focus can also be done for critical shots.

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