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Question. Is there a way to change predefined settings for manual backups found here Plesk Domains example. com Backup Manager Back up?. Answer. There is no way to change these settings as they are hardcoded. Creating Backups. Next in this section: Creating a Manual Backup. Creating a Plesk manual backup tongs Backup Creating a Manual Backup. To create a manual backup: Go to Websites& Domains Backup Manager Back up. Under" Back up"you can select which content you want to back up.

Domain configuration is always included in backups. Configuring Remote Storage. By default, Plesk stores backups on the server. However, this presents a risk. If the server's hard disk fails, you can lose both your website data and your backups. To avoid this, we recommend storing backups in remote storage. Now you can select it when creating a manual or scheduled backup. Jun 14, 2018 As i am still trying to sort out my plesk manual backup problem, i was looking everywhere on my server to find the manual backup log but can't find anything.

Only found the backup log for scheduled backup in varlogpleskPMM, but manual ones do not appears here. From the same window, choose the Domain configuration and content option. When this is done, the drop down box to the right will become active and you can choose the type of backup you want that will include content for your domain. Manual folder creation under pleskdir \Backup\ directory fails with same error: CONFIGTEXT: There is not enough space on the disk.

There is enough free disk space on the server level Put two or more words in quotes to search for a phrase: " name servers" Prepend a plus sign to a word or phrase to require its presence in an article: cpanel Prepend a minus sign to a word or phrase to require its absence in an article: windows Words of less than three characters are ignored. Plesk 11 Manual Backup. You can create a manual backup by following the below: Step 1 of 5. Login to your Parallels Plesk Panel.

Step 2 of 5. Click on the Tools& Settings link on the left panel. Step 3 of 5. Click on the Backup Manager link in the Tools& Resources section. Step 4 of 5. How to Restore Your Site Using a Backup Created in Plesk. Plesk 9. x Backup Restore. Log into your Control Panel. Click the Domains button and then the domain name you want to restore.

Select Backup Manager. In the Server Repository tab click on the backup you wish to restore from. Manually backing up your website in Plesk temporarily brings it down. Visitors to your site will see a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable page. From the home page of Plesk, click Backup Manager. Specifications: Fits under any Universe or competitor's Tong; Jaws are easily rotated for makeup or breakout: Model: 03A08C (2, 212 kgm) Maximum Torque Dropbox backup extension allows you to back up your domains to your Dropbox account.

Features: Quickly and securely connect your Dropbox account to your Plesk server to back up your domains To perform a manual backup: Go to Tools& Utilities Backup Manager, and click Back Up. Specify the following: Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform with a control panel that allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, email accounts, and DNS entries through a webbased interface.

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