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STARCCM Capabilities for Marine Applications (DFBI): Coupled computation of flow and motion of floating or flying bodies in 6 DoF, including fluid, propulsion and external forces and moments STARCCM offers all of those capabilities and has been extensively STARCD Engineering Services STARCCM DFBI in Naval Applications. Presented at the Aerospace, Defense and Marine 2009 Conference. Author Company: NSWC Carderock. Author Name: Minyee Jiang. Industries: Marine. Products: STARCCM Aug Dfbi star ccm manual, 2012 Hi STARCCM users, Can anyone help me out at using 'DFBI Embedded Translation& Rotation' to model freesurface flow for marine application.

I STARCCM v9. 04 Release Focuses on Speed Shawn Wasserman posted on June 25, 2014 The DFBI is a 6 degree of freedom solver which calculates the effect of fluidic forces and moments on a body. The Overset mesh on the other hand allows for simulations to run off a background and foreground mesh.

This allows for movement of the foreground Jan 03, 2018 DFBI is an overkill motion model for the geometry shown and might not even work you can use either reference frame motion (and run as steady or unsteady) or rigid body motion (and run as unsteady since the rotor mesh is actually moving). I have used STARCCM version 12 for simulation displacement and deformation of the barge.

I have defined motion as DFBI Morphing, and I have used directed mesh for define solid mesh. when I want For more complex movements and situations involving multiple bodies, STARCCM now has the ability to morph the volume mesh either prescribed by the user or automatically when invoked by the DFBI Figure 4: Applications of overset mesh with DFBI: moored floating production storage and offloading on heavy seas (top) and stage the overset mesh in STARCCM is the ability to handle small gaps between objects, opening up new possibilities in modeling bodies in motion and

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