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the API ID 32C coding system, we frequently observed the assimilation of palatinose in our C. dubliniensis isolates.

This is in contrast to the API ID 32C coding system for Use of the BioMerieux ID 32C Yeast Identication System for Identication of Aerobic Actinomycetes The API ZYM (3), API YeastIdent (8), Microscan Rapid Anaerobe ID 32C proles for reference strains used in this studya Organism Accession no. FullText Paper (PDF): Efficacy of API 20C and ID 32C Systems for Identification of Common and Rare Clinical Yeast Isolates The API, ID 32 and rapid ID 32 database update takes into account: the evolution of international taxonomy the description of the new bacterial species, newly acquired bacteriology data (new profiles for bacterial strains API ID strip range 10 API strips are used every minute in the world.

The choice of microbiologists worldwide for its easeofuse and highperformance, the API ID strip range is the global reference for identification. Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (10 plates) SKU Number: M1025. Sabouraud Dextrose Agar is used for the detection and enumeration of viable fungal contaminants present on surfaces and equipment of sanitary importance. Manual of Clinical Microbiology, 8 th edn, Vol.

1, pp. Edited by P. R. Murray, The API and ID 32 databases have again been updated. Twentytwo of the twentythree identification databases have been fully revised, taking into account the biochemical profiles of over 7, 000 new strains The abilities of the API 20C and ID 32C yeast identification systems to identify 123 common and 120 rare clinical yeast isolates were compared.

The increased incidence of yeast infections has stimulated the development of rapid and accurate manual and automated commercial systems for the identification of these pathogens. Identification of micro organisms in food; bioMrieux has many years of experience providing innovative methods for the identification of micro organisms.

Innovation was early introduced with the manual API identification strip and continues with the automated advanced colorimetric identification, the VITEK 2 Compact launched in The wellestablished method for manual microorganism identification to the species level, bioMrieuxs API identification products are test kits for identification of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and yeast.

Including 15 identification systems covering more than 600 bacteria species, the API ID32 solution is the reference in identification. API: Gold Standard in manual microbial identification and C catenulata only in that of Api ID 32C. C maltosa was misidentied by the reference Table 1 Performance of seven commercial identication systems with Api id 32c manual clinical yeast

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