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Introduction System Overview: The TELXDriver is a combination of software and hardware designed to extend the capabilities of the TELXOmeter xray machine. The TELXDriver allows the user to collect xray diffraction data from a wide variety of crystals, powders, and metals. Explore TelAtomic's vast selections of upper level physics experiments for teaching.

Browse our top featured experiments and inquire about an individual prices. Learn more about our company's history. Install the rotary radiator (564.

001) on the TELXOmeter as pictured on page 21 of the TELXOmeter manual. 3. Collect the filter set, 4. Follow the instructions for experiments D16 and 17. Use the scaler mode to collect data for every combination of filter and rotary radiator position. 5. Save the data. Xray tube and experimental region with transparent, radiationsafe cover. The tube has a copper anode, and the anode voltage can be switched between 20 and 30 kV. TelXOmeter Equipment January 15, 2018 English Posts, XRD 1, 673 Views Recently we acquired a vintage equipment, rather old but in full working order: it is the TelXOmeter xray diffractometer.

Manual Woodworkers& Weavers Advice from a Wolf Tapestry and Wall Hanging Product Manual Lodge Collection Wall Hanging with Frame, CIin Rules, 13 X View Notes TELXOMETER 580 Manual from PHYSICS 461 at University of Tennessee. The TelXOmeter xray machine and accessories have been designed specifically for use in teaching physics.

Over thirty separate xray experiments (which begin with basic concepts of xray through complex experiments) are included in the laboratory manual provided with each system.

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