Apo cfm 56 engine manual

Training Manual A319 A320 A321 ATA 7180 ENGINE CFM565A ATA 3021 AIR INTAKE ICE PROTECTION. PART2. For training purpose and internal use only. The Engine CFM 565A5 is prepared for dual thrustrating. Basic rating is lbs with FLEX rating to max.

climb thrust. Cfm567b Engine Training Manual engine training experts who deliver not only 5B, CFM567B, and CF680C2 line blend equipment and application of the maintenance manual. The CFM56 engine family is produced in a cooperative 5050 venture between General Electric and Snecma Moteurs, CFM International, and consists of five different models covering a thrust range of 18, 500 to 34, 000 lb. CFM56 commercial aviation engines can be found on Airbus A320, A longhaul transports and all Boeing 737s.

cfm international CFM563 TRAINING MANUAL EFFECTIVITY CFMI PROPRIETARY INFORMATION Page 1 ALL Oct 95 GENERAL ENGINE DATA Objectives: At the completion of this section a student should be able to: Cfm56 3 Engine Maintenance Manual CFM565C CFM565A CFM563 CFM562. Services. Apo cfm 56 engine manual.

CFM Services provides flexible engine overhaul and repair solutions to meet your needs. The CFM56 is the worlds bestselling aircraft engine with more than 29, 000 engines delivered to date, powering more than 550 operators worldwide.

Cfm56 Engine Manual Technical Manual Index. Ground Support Equipment Manuals. July 1, 2015. Publication. Number. CFMITP. Engine. Model. CFM56. Nomenclature. From heavy overhaul to onsite support and parts distribution, CFM's service and support teams are here to help keep you flying and generating revenue. CORE ENGINE MAJOR MODULE The core engine is a high pressure, high speed, gas generator that produces the power to drive the engine. CFM565C TRAINING MANUAL

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