Bios h dev-c++ manual

biosdisk Header bios. h Prototype int biosdisk(int cmd, int drive, int head, int track, int sector, int nsects, void buffer); Description biosdisk accesses interrupt 0x13 for BIOS disk operations on the drive specified by the drive argument.

For floppy drives, 0 identifies the first drive, 1 If any one encountered with such a problem. you have to use Turbo c for bios level instructions. Mingw doesn't support bios. h. This is a link you can download turbo c for windows 7, vista 32 or 64 bit operating system. Mar 08, 2005 Can anybody recommend a freeware complier with the bios. h library (if any) thanks again so the program will not work with the dev c. Are there any old freeware compliers that will work with the bios. h? I heard that turbo c 3 will work with bios.

h but i cant download it anywhere. 2. (even though its not used in the below example) Do you guys have any idea where to get them. I searched the whole net but wasnt smart enough to find a place I can downlaod these headers. When I try to compile this same program in Dev C editor the following message appears: bios. h: No such file or directory. Please, help me about what can I do in order to advance or give me an alternative solution.

Thanks in advance. May 04, 2009 Salam to all, I've not found bios. h in Visual C 6. 0, is it included in Visual C 2008 Express Edition by default? otherwise from where i can get bios. h library? thankx in advance 4 helping me out buddies: ) Oct 25, 2008 My recollection is that bios. h came with Microsoft compilers targeted at DOS based systems and gave direct access to the hardware through bios calls which you could do in DOS.

Is it possible to use the following headers in Visual C: graph. h dos. h bios. h

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