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The AK47 is legendary for its ability to keep on chugging no matter what you throw at it. But once in a while you might have to clean it. Well go Doug Howlett is an awardwinning editor and writer and the former editorinchief of Gun Digest The Magazine. He has written about guns and hunting for nearly 20 years in which time he has written hundreds of articles on the subjects and authored a book on AR15s.

Mar 02, 2012 Shan from I. O. gives you a quick walkthrough on how to disassemble and reassemble your AK from I. O. INC. The WASR10 AK47 consists of around 70 parts. (depending on how you count them). Below we tried to sum them all up. The purpose of this article is to provide an accurate Bill Of Materials for the GP WASR1063 parts and to use that list to link to all the articles we wrote on these parts over the years. Use our keyword tool to find new keywords& suggestions for the search term Ak 47 Disassembly Youtube.

Use the keywords and images as guidance and inspiration for your articles, blog posts or advertising campaigns with various online compaines. Sep 23, 2007  The AK47 assault rifle is a popular firearm with a rich history.

Like any other firearm the AK47 requires regular maintenance. Follow these steps to safely and efficiently field Jan 29, 2018 The AK47 (figure 3) is a short, compact, selectivefired weapon designed by the Soviets in 1946 which fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine and rifle cartridges.

This was originally written for a forum that I contribute to. So there is mention of various usernames that won't make sense. But the build tutorial I think has 1949, the AK47 was officially accepted by the Soviet Armed Forces[11 and used by the majority of the member states of the Warsaw Pact.

The original AK47 was one of the first assault rifles of 2nd generation, after the How to clean an AK. This very detailed DIY article walks you through Field Stripping, Cleaning and Reassembling your AK47.

The AK used for the article was a WASR1063, but these instructions can be used for any AK47, AMK or AK74, or AK pistol variant. Sep 05, 2012 Learn about the specific parts of the AMD65 in this stop motion disassembly video. Likesharesubscribe! Thank you, Dr. Gunn. EMBED (for wordpress. com hosted blogs and archive. org item tags)

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