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Introduction This manual provides the information required for normal operation of the VersaCare Bed from HillRom. taking into account the scale performance parameters specified in this manual. Intended Use The VersaCare Bed is intended for low to moderate acuity patients in the medicalsurgical area of the hospital.

VersaCare Bed The VersaCare Bed offers stateoftheart technology enabling high quality care for mid to high acuity patients through advanced solutions supporting patient safety, patient mobilization, and skin care. HillRom Service Technical Training Information Session Schedule January June, 2018 All service manuals, inservice manuals, recommended spare parts lists, and student guides are provided.

o 22 VersaCare Bed (Model P3200) o 23 HillRom Stretchers (all Models) o 26 CareAssist BedAdvanta 2 Bed (Model P1170 Hillrom Versacare Service Manual Hill Room Bed Service Manual. Hill Rom Versacare Bed Manual sports a basic interface, Hill Rom Versacare Bed Manual has a instructions, refer to the VersaCare Bed User Manual (USR119 for A through J models; for K model and newer).

Bed Boost Position and Lockout Controls Boost Position SystemG model and Newer When you activate the Boost Position System, www. hillrom. com VersaCare service manual May 26, 2014 12: 39 Hello Everybody, If somebody can help me with the VersaCare Bed service manual from HillRom. Thank you in advance. Jul 27, 2008  The VersaCare P500 System features a weightbased pressure redistribution surface with Advanced Microclimate Technology and FlexAfoot for greater heel pressure relief.

Adjustable height makes it easy for patients to get in and out of bed. HillRom is a leading global provider of medical technologies and programs The HillRom 305 is an adjustable manual hospital bed designed to deliver HillRom quality and safety at an affordable price.

Easyto HillRom VersaCare Bed System The bed system without compromise In a MedSurg environment, many nurses want their patient care beds to HillRom is a leading global medical technology company whose products, services and more than 10, 000 employees worldwide help people get better care inside USER MANUAL VersaCare Bed From HillRom Product No.

P3200 and P3201 sets apart special information or important instruction clarification. The symbol below highlights a WARNING or CAUTION: This manual provides the information required fo r normal operation of the VersaCare Bed from HillRom. Before operating the VersaCare HillRom VersaCareDesigned to help deliver better care.The VersaCare bed is easier to use with new intuitive controls and digital head of bed display.

And t Hospital Beds Equipment User Manuals Service Manuals; Incinerators; Infant Incubators; HillRom 70 User manual 9. 5 MB Download HillRom Advance User manual HillRom VersaCare User manual 1. 5 MB Download Medical Positioning Echo User HillRom VersaCare TCIt's Just Right.The VersaCare TC bed is just right for step down and transitional care units.

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