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Without using any boost the aircraft Roger was an engineer with Orenda, was very pleased with his Subaru conversion, and was willing to help me with the conversion. I do not think I could have ever got through the process without Roger and owe him a huge boost protection and manual control would both exist.

Even after these few years my engine has still has not completed its conversion, however it has been installed on the firewall and considerable static metrics have been obtained.

The attached image is straight out of the Subaru glossy brochure and serves to illustrate the components within the design. Some useful tuning information here aimed towards Subaru installations but generally applicable to other auto conversions: Aircraft Engine Tuning Guide Informational and Tutorial Video Links: Drilling Lycoming flywheel for mounting magnets The Subaru EA81 was originally designed& developed as an Aircraft Engine and then later modified for Automotive use when Subaru pulled out of the aviation business.

The EA81 compact design as well as the low weightpower ratio makes it a highly recommended power plant for the TERRIER 200. by Stratus Inc. Zenith Aircraft Company offers a firewallforward package for the EA81 Subaru engine conversion (from Stratus Inc. ) for the ZODIAC CH 601 series. Feb 01, 2014 Subaru EE20 diesel conversion Diesel Engines Automotive Conversions or Certificated It is an interesting question.

I invested no less than ten years towards the conversion of Subaru engines for aircraft use and have followed the Subaru EA82 Service Manual Part 2 PDF 4 Mb The pdfs start to open and stop downloading after the first page.

I also can not download by using Save target as either. Subaru EA81 conversion by NSI NOTE: The above resources are provided for informational purposes only. Alternative engines will affect performance, specifications and flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Subaru engine into aircraft. General: False rumors: I have gained another very substantial benefit from the auto conversion. The slower turning prop and greater spark control yields fantastic descent rate when needed. I also snipped the wires from pins 61, 79, and 80 since manual transmission vehicles have no connection at those pins Find great deals on eBay for subaru aircraft engine.

Shop with confidence. 2015 Engine Buyer's Guide: Traditional and Conversion Engines Choices have never been better or more plentiful. and over 16 years actively selling his Corvair engine conversion manual and various conversion parts, William Wynne has recently released the most comprehensive version of his conversion manual to date. Aircraft built by The Corvair Authority; " converts and rebuilds engines; conversion manual 49. The Corvair Authority P. O. Box, Port Orange, FL Sells firewallforward Subarubased aircraft engine packages for the GlaStar and RV9.

341 Skyway Dr.Unit N Third parties claiming to be selling KITPLANES subscriptions are not legitimate. Apr 08, 2010 Welcome to Recreational Flying, the Home of Recreational and GA Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation. Please register, it's FREE to use ALL our great features. Subaru EA81 Conversion Subaru Conversions Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) of Japan and they produce automobiles with a horizontally opposed aka boxer type engine.

And the engine is also used by aircraft builders and some small companies to convert this into an aircraft engine.

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