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But the Stata told me the following: The usesas command uses the savastata SAS macro to load the SAS dataset into memory. Large datasets may take a few minutes. Edit your sasexe. ado file to set the location of your SAS executable file. I run my SAS session on Linux, so it saves the libraries data sets in tmp as sas7bdat format.

I need to convert these files to some other formats, I would also like to know if there is a way to convert what I understand to be older SAS datasets (. sd2) to the newer sas7bdat (. sd7) file type. I have one dataset in former format, while the rest of the datasets I am using are in the latter. Tools to Transfer Data between SAS and Stata name mySASdata as a. sas7bdat file and create the formats catalog file mySASdata.

sas7bcat containing SAS formats of any Stata value label, replacing an existing file if necessary, type: Finally, read the SAS data file into Stata. usesas using 4. Using StatTransfer. If you have StatTransfer, or have access to StatTransfer, converting SAS to Stata is fairly straightforward.

If you need to convert value labels as well using a SAS format library, click on the Options Convert sas7bdat to stata manual and select SAS Value Labels Another option is to use a recent version of SPSS, if you have this, to read the SAS dataset into SPSS and then save it as a Stata dataset that your Stata 9 can read. Misc. Reference Manual Pages sas2stata(Local) SunOS 5. 6 Last change: 2 then sas2stata will convert. sas7bdat files. By default, long variable names are in SAS data sets to 8 characters.

vn8 forces sas2stata to truncate SAS variable names to 8 characters during conversion to Stata. (Warning: This may cause duplicate variable Jul 08, 2014 Importing sasb7dat file into Stata 07 Jul 2014, 10: 55.

I need to import sasb7dat file into stata. Both StatTransfer and DBMSCopy support sas7bdat files. But if you want to work with such files on the regular basis, just purchase SAS.

Also, when you convert (SPSS or StatTransfer or Saveas from within SAS) realize that you'll lose Is there a way to import SAS7BDAT files to Stata without SAS? usesas requires SAS. How to import SAS7BDAT database to Stata without SAS.

Ask Question. Convert a dta file to csv without Stata software. 0. How to import dates from Excel into Stata. 2. SPSS to Stata file conversion. Hello, I've tried to use the 'save as' function in SPSS 19 to convert my sav file to a Stata file without success, nothing is produced. Has anyone else experienced Nov 20, 2016 How to open sas7bdat file in stata?

21 Oct 2016, 04: 45. The original data form is sas7bdat, how can I open it using sata? Tags: None. Carlo Lazzaro. Tenured Member If you do not have access to SAS (like me) then I think you will need to convert the data in a different programme first. I usually use R for this. Manual; FAQ; Contact; Get Started. The Easiest Way to Move Data Between Worksheets, StatTransfer has provided fast, reliable, and convenient data transfer between popular software packages for thousands of users, worldwide.

Version 14 offers support for Stata 15MP, the ability to write native SAS catalogs and many other new options

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