Maine stormwater bmp manual

Portland is known for the rain we receive 37 inches of rain in an average year. In a natural environment, soil and plants would absorb most of that.

But in the city, streets, buildings and parking lots cover the ground. Rain washes over these hard surfaces and becomes stormwater.

Stormwater STORMWATER MANAGEMENT IN COLD CLIMATES Planning, Design and Implementation including a new permitting system and the creation of a storm water BMP manual.

Prior to that, Scott served as Public Works Director in Burlington, Vermont and Conway, New Hampshire; in each case, developing, implementing, and maintaining storm City of Portland Stormwater Management Regulation Compliance. City of Portland Stormwater Technical Manual. detailed descriptions for specific maintenance tasks may be found in the Maine DEPs Stormwater New Hampshire Stormwater Manual. Note: Volume 2: PostConstruction Best Management Practices Selection and Design (43.

9 MB) presents a detailed description of the structural BMPs applicable for use in New Hampshire for the prevention, control, and treatment of stormwater. Web version only. Rain Garden Design Specifications Page 1 of 6 Stormwater Manual City of South Portland, Maine City of South Portland Stormwater Manual The Stormwater Management Law includes standards for both the quantity of stormwater runoff, as well as the quality of that runoff. Waste Discharge Law.

A waste discharge license is required for the discharge of pollutants to Maines environment. Stormwater Credit Manual City of Portland, Maine 3 1. 5 Definitions Best Management Practice (BMP): a means to mitigate the effect of urban development on the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff. BMPs can be structural, such as information on selecting, designing, and installing Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater management in the State of Maine.

The manual has three volumes: BMP MANUAL VERSION 1. 0 Maine Environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual for Snow and Ice Control Developed in Collaboration by: A system or practice designed for stormwater runoff treatment from a development has to meet all the stormwater requirements of Maines Stormwater Law, and the Chapter 500 Stormwater Management Rule to be considered equivalent to any of the Maine stormwater bmp manual structures found in the BMP Manual.

The Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM) provides policy and design requirements for stormwater management throughout the City of Portland. The requirements in the manual apply to all development, redevelopment, and improvement projects within the City of Portland on private and public property and Stormwater Credit Manual systems must provide original system design information stamped by a licensed professional engineer in the state of Maine and a current inspection report form 4 by a qualified 3 rd party postconstruction stormwater inspector to be considered for stormwater credits.

If any alterations have been made to the Guide Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook and Stormwater Standards. particularly Best Management Practices (BMPs). Additional Resources for Stormwater of Stormwater Management (DOC 281.

5 KB) Open PDF file, 6. 4 MB, for Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook Vol Maine stormwater bmp manual, Ch 2, Stormwater Best Management Practices (PDF 6. 4 Stormwater Manual and Related Documents; Section Menu Stormwater Manual; MS4 Permit; 3rd Party Stormwater BMP Inspector List. ThinkBlue Maine. Maine DEP Stormwater Program. Maine YardScaping. The Clean Water Act. Casco Bay Estuary Partnership. Friends of Casco Bay. Cumberland County Soil& Water Conservation Links to other manuals.

Link to this table. Locale Name Manual Source Maine: Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual: Department of Environmental Protection: 2013: New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: 2009:

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