24 hours time switch tg-9 manual

Time of day pointer Tough flame retardant casing Manual override switch Time control segments 1 segment 15 mins Push all segments downwards for ON, leave in upward position for OFF Override switch other ON times during the 24 hour period. Rotate the programme ring one complete 24hour7Day Mini Programmable Timer: Instruction Manual Model# 88P120 This Mini Programmable Timer can automatically control your home electrical appliances to save Connect the appliance power cord to the timer socket, then plug the timer into a wall socket.

Switch on the appliance. Mechanical Timer, 24 Hour Outer dial 24hr clock SETTING UP The outer dial should be set to the current time. Rotate the dial slowly in a clockwise direction, until the correct hour is aligned with the arrow printed on the dial. Note that the outer dial is printed with the (22 hours) MANUAL SWITCH OPERATION The manual switch will provide Manual override switch Program up to 24 ONOFF settings per day, repeats daily Woods WD InWall 24Hour Mechanical Timer That Converts A Wall Light Switch to Timer (White) by Woods 24 HOUR SEGMENT TIMESWITCH Cat.

No TG24 (Single) TG44 (Twin), TG64 (Triple) Operating Instructions. 1 Manual override switch Time of day pointer ON segments (pushed down) Tough flame retardant casing Time of day setting ring Appliance socket Time control segments 1 segment 15 minutes Sep 29, 2011 How to Use a Mechanical Timer for Hydroponics Setup Tutorial GrowAce.

com How to use a 24 hours mechanical electric timer switch Cara Setting Timer Stopkontak jenis manualmekanik If you are interested 24 Hours Time Switch, Automatic Time Switch or need further information of time switches, please do not hesitate to contact soon. Any Electronics Co.Ltd. Time Switch ATP Time Switch Instruction Manual Product Name: Time Switch ATP Price: 10. Jun 23, 2011 A short video of how to use a 24 hour switch timer to deter intruders

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