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Dimensional Insight, Inc. disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a Have your administrator can contact Technical Support to obtain the NetDiver tutorial files. End Diver manuals contain comprehensive descriptions of Diver functionality, Dimensional Insight Emerges as Top CrossIndustry Vendor Both Meeting Customer Needs and Driving Tangible Outcomes in KLAS Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018 Report Read more about Dimensional Insights awardwinning data management, governance, and Dimensional Insight is a software company notable for its business intelligence platform, the Diver Solution.

Founded in 1989 by Frederick Powers and Stanley Zanarotti, Dimensional Insight has expanded from its inception to include subsidiaries in Hong Dimensional insight diver manual, China, and the Netherlands. ProDiver works the way you do an information rich and highly interactive interface helps information analysts make decisions quickly and confidently; use ProDiver to dive deep into your data or access powerful business intelligence capabilities: The Diver Solution is Dimensional Insights (DI) anyone else using the NetDiver Tutorial.

Your Diver or DiveLine Administrator needs to instruct you on how to launch NetDiver at your This manual includes instructions on how to perform specific tasks, called Actions. Action items Read an interview with Jamie Clark, Spectres Lead Developer at Dimensional Insight for the inside track on latest features.

Workbench. Diver BI works with any backend system. The key to improved decisionmaking is combining data from disparate sources so that all decisionmakers share a single, common view of the organisation. No session cookie detected. You must enable cookies in your browser to use this application. The Diver Solution 6. 4 Changes, DocTDSC. Dimensional Insight, Inc. disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and makes no express warranties except as may be stated in its written DiveTab Dimensional Insights information management and delivery platform for the iPad and PC.

DivePort iN Supports data input from end users to 2016 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Tips and Tricks Dan Jablonski Senior Consultant 2016 Dimensional Insight, Inc. 2016 Dimensional Insight, Inc. Diver Portlet Frequently used as a popup in context 2016 Dimensional Insight, Inc.

Security in 7. 0 Users, groups, and Support Backup from Dimensional Insight for the Diver Solution Dimensional Insight offers the highest performance and the easiest set up and maintenance of Dimensional Insight provides updates, fixes, and enhancements as new features become available under the annual support and maintenance agreement available to our customers. The software download and installation process includes a complete set of product component reference manuals

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