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Super Mario Galaxy, known as Super Mario Wii in South Korea, is a 3D actionadventure platformer game for the Wii console, first released in 2007. It is the third Mario 3D platformer, and the followup to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Galaxy 2 took everything I loved about the original Super Mario Galaxy and made more fun, kooky levels to explore.

The" Nintendo Selects" version is only different in price the base game is the same. A near perfect game with one major flaw. Mario is nintendo's mascot. The first Mario Bros. has the most sales in the world. Here is a review for his most recent game.

Become Mario as he traverses gravitybending galaxies, traveling in and out of gravitational fields by blasting from planet to planet. Control " Super Mario Galaxy" is an incredibly fun and addicting game! The levels can be very easy in the beginning, but they slowly get more challenging while still being fun. The graphics are very good for the Wii system. Super Mario Galaxy is a making it the third bestselling nonbundled Wii game and the ninth bestselling Nintendopublished game for the Wii.

Awards. Super Mario Galaxy received Game of the Year 2007 awards from IGN, GameSpot, Super Mario Galaxy instruction manual.

Everything you need to know about Super Mario Galaxy. Sep 13, 2015 Title: Super Mario Maker Platform: Wii U Release: 2015 Playlist: NintendoViewer is a Product Information.

Your favorite Italian plumber returns for more outofthisworld adventures in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Wii. The mechanics of the platformstyle play closely follow those of the first game, but with new levels, puzzles, collectibles, and powerups to master. Super Mario Galaxys sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, was one of the first Wii games to launch digitally via the Wii U eShop in January, arriving alongside other Wii rereleases like PunchOut and Aug 28, 2017  Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle reviewed by Dan Stapleton on Nintendo Switch.

14 Minutes of Mario Rabbids' Nov 08, 2007 Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest platformers I have ever played, Wii's best game, and an absolute mustown experience. And to me, this odd trek through space really does feel like the I bought this because, it's the first wii downloadable title on wii u, and of course, it's super Mario galaxy 2!

I already own it on wii but it's nice to have it saved to my wii u as a Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the most unnecessary Mario game of all time. That might be why it is one of the best.

Galaxy 2 has an easy mission, because, for once, it is a Mario game without a big mission. Wii Operations Manual (Model No. RVK101) Wii mini Operations Manual (Model No. RVL201) Super Mario Galaxy: Super Mario Galaxy 2: Super Paper Mario: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Wario Land Shake It!

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