Mk7 golf r manual vs dsg

Apr 09, 2010 The VW Golf R is good but is it better with a DSG or manual gearbox? Read the VW Golf R review and see more pictures and video at May 18, 2016 Golf R manual or DSG? That is the question. Golf R Discussions GOLFMK8. GOLFMK7. GOLFMK6 Drives: MK7 Golf R APR (1) ECU DSG TCU. Location: Florgia. Join Date: May 2016. Posts: 5 i too have 30 years of stick since refinding my inner car child. Three weeks into the DSG I see it is neither an auto nor a traditional manual and I have to May 19, 2016  GOLFMK7 VW GTI MKVII Forum VW Golf R Forum VW Golf MKVII Forum Volkswagen GTI Golf MK7 General Topics Golf R Discussions Golf R manual or DSG Stick versus paddles or manual versus DSG is a difficult question, as we found out.

theres no denying the Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI is an impressive and capable steerer that proudly carries Feb 22, 2018 i wholly regret getting the golf r in manual over DSG. the manual box and clutch are built for the most base of base golfs (understandably) and it feels, shows, performs like it. car was 100 built for DSG, manual was only offered so idiots like me could hold on to the past Feb 25, 2018  2018 VW Golf R Review Manual vs DSG; View Poll Results: Which would you choose? Voters 150.

You may not vote on this poll. Golf R DSG 61 40. 67. Golf R Manual a person who has no speed control and constantly is adjusting with the brake and throttle youre gonna confuse a DSG box. I replaced it with a MK7 R with a manual. I went manual A sixspeed manual transmission is standard with the Golf R. However, you can spec a dualclutch DSG gearbox, adding an extra gear in the process.

the LED headlights will not fit the Mk7 Golf May 31, 2016 Hi all, New to the forum Looking to make my purchase of a golf R! I've test drove the manual version in the dealer I loved it just wandering how does the DSG version compare to the manual in terms of performance practicality etc.

The manual is cheaper an more fun, the DSG is great in traffic and keeps your left foot very relaxed. It's a tough one. Is A Golf GTI Better With A Manual Or A DSG? Mt Petrny. 1 DSG vs. Manual Opinions (self. GolfGTI) etc. are all fantastic options and if I drove in traffic or on track more I would have gone for a DSG (MK7 R most likely. ) All of that said, the GTI and Golf R are both very technically capable cars if lacking a bit in the thrills department.

When I drove the DSG cars I found myself impressed, but Apr 21, 2016 Golf R mk7 Name Andrew Posts 169. Manual vs DSG Hi All, Looking to get my first Golf specifically R or Gti, I've always driven manuals and love the ability to control the car. but clearly the appeal of the DSG has got me curious. I just couldn't get as excited trying the DSG as when I did the manual, I still look forward to getting in the The Volkswagen Golf Mk7 (also known as the Golf VII) is a compact car, the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf and the successor to the Volkswagen Golf Mk6.

It was announced in Berlin on 4 September 2012, before a public launch at the 2012 Paris Auto Show. [5

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