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BH Program DescriptionsCARF reference grid FINAL April 21, 2016 All programs accredited through CARF using the Behavioral Health Standards Manual must meet the applicable standards in Section 1, ASPIRE to Excellence and Section 2, General Program Standards. Quality standards. Quality standards form the cornerstone of CARF accreditation. Conformance to quality standards is a way to identify areas for improvement and growth and help the service provider focus on improved service outcomes, satisfaction of the persons served, and quality service delivery.

2018 Behavioral Health Standards Manual and Survey Preparation Workbook (for surveys conducted between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019) Standards Manual includes:. accreditation Online or supplemental standards Occasionally standards are introduced or updated between printings of standards manuals or are developed specifically to be used as a supplement to the program sections of all CARF standards manuals, unless otherwise specified. Standards Manuals& Workbooks Aging Services Behavioral Health Child and Youth Services Continuing Care Retirement Community Employment and Community Services Medical Rehabilitation Opioid Treatment Program Vision Rehabilitation Services Employment and Community Services Medical Rehabilitation Opioid Treatment Program Vision Rehabilitation Services CARF Accreditation is a seal of approval.

(ECS) Standards Manual will also be highlighted. Session topics include: An overview of the accreditation process, including an examination of the value of accreditation for organizations, consumers, and the public. CARF Standards Manual (under the [Survey Tools tab) Familiarize yourself with the appropriate manual, paying particular attention to the layout and organization Accreditation Policies and Procedures, and appendices. The CARF accreditation process and what happens during the onsite survey.

Helpful tips in preparing for your CARF survey. A review of the 2017 and 2018 standards, including the ASPIRE to Excellence quality framework, designed to provide a logical, actionoriented approach to quality improvement.

CARF International Survey Number Page 1 of 15 OTP organizations must list a State Methadone Authority contact. If your organization is using the CARFCCAC standards manual as the primary manual for the survey, fundingreferral references are not required.

The ACQR recognizes each organizations commitment to ongoing conformance to the CARF International standards throughout the accreditation term and is consistent with the CARF standards manuals, which state, In order to retain accreditation, organizations and their accredited programs must at all times conform to CARFs standards Our web expansion now offers organizations a subscription service to provide resources and tools necessary to meet the CARF accreditation standards.

2015 Behavioral Health Standards Manual 1 INTRODUCTION CARF International is a private, nonprofit organization that is financed by fees from accreditation surveys, workshops, and confer Accreditation prep CARF maintains rigorous standards, yet is collaborative with its clients in the accreditation process, as is Good Samaritan Consulting when you decide to work with us. Our role is to create, alongside our customers, the necessary documents to provide precise accreditation readiness, regarding effectiveness of service, efficiency, health and safety, and accessibility.

This manual was used to obtain a 3Year accreditation for a brand new facility in 2013 and all CARF Auditors indicated that the manual was the best they had reviewed in a combined 40 years of their affiliation with CARF International.

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