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PulseEight Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Remote Review by Ganesh T S on April 5, 2012 4: 55 PM EST. Posted in; The NYXboard and the remote to be learnt from were placed head to Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid. See also: Alternative keymaps for Nyxboard. Flip keyboard remote that has a basic button side and a full QWERTY keyboard side. Uses an RF dongle that is seen as a standard keyboard and also has an IR mode that can learn IR remotes.

Motorola is jumping into the universal remote space with their Nyxboard and its right up our alley. This remote is dualsided with standard controls on top and a keyboard on bottom. It utilizes IR and RF. Sep 01, 2013 Hello, Don't know if you heard but the Motorola NYXBoard Hybrid has basically be killed with PulseEight not being able to get anymore.

I was planning to buy one way back when but never got around to it, and now its to late. Seven months ago, Motorola unveiled a dualsided, QWERTYladen TV remote control: the NYXboard. It was never heard from again. Today, we've learned why the opensource community will be selling Sep 08, 2012 Hi All, In my quest for the ultimate remote control setup for my beloved MP HTPC I took the plunge and bought a Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Remote and a Oct 13, 2011 Review of the Motorola Nyxboard Remote from Pulse Eight.

Order from PulseEight Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Remote Review The Motorola NYXboard hybrid remote from PulseEight is unlike any other remote we have evaluated so far. the Motorola NYXboard hybrid Motorola NYXboard Hybrid.

Out the box, the Nyxboard Hybrid will run on Windows, Mac, Apple TV's (First generation) and Linux. Combine the simplicity of a remote with the productivity of a keyboard. Type freely on the built in keyboard without fear of changing the channel due to its tiltsensor. eBay! Feb 18, 2017 Summary: it's a useful remote, even if as a secondary device to a real keyboard or a Nyxboard. I'm mostly using it as a better way to handle Netflix (and other mouse oriented apps) that I launch from Kodi it's airmouse is much easier than the Nyxboard mouse support and it's often better than reaching for the full size mouse.

Sep 10, 2010  Could we be seeing the beginning of a QWERTY trend in the living room? We can only hope the latest to join in on the fun is Motorola, which has just introduced its new NYXboard Brand Focus: Pulse Eight's Martin Ellis. AUTHOR: Llanor Alleyne.

originally to sell a remote control called the Motorola NYXboard Hybrid, it was targeted specifically at the XBMC crowd who wanted a remote and a keyboard. a bunch of Chinese engineers building for their market and brands in the UK buying these solutions and rewriting the

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