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Jan 17, 2015 One peculiar thing, absolutely no owners manual or instruction sheet comes with the Acute. I contacted Tim de P and he mentioned that he was thinking about producing one but not sure. Airfla, an EAR 834L line stage. I bought it, and appreciated it for its sonic signature.

As HP said, reminiscent of my ARC SP10. Ear 834p Owners Manual EAR 834P Deluxe w Singermann Mods in Preamplifiers Phono from Baton Upgrade paperwork from Mitch will be sent, along with the owners manual.

Valve Amplifier Made in England by EAR Yoshino. High End audio hifi including Power Amps, Vacuum Tube Photostage Preamps, DACs, CD players, Vinyl turntables. I have noticed over the last 5 years or so that as loudspeakers have become more detailed, extended, and dynamic, preamps have become just the opposite.

OWNER 'S MANUAL Yoshino Limited, TAs E. A. R. Coombe Grove Farm, Ermine Way, The EAR 864 has been designed to meet a wide variety of needs, from the most demanding It is based on the circuit designs used in the highly successful EAR 8341) phono stage and 834L line preamp, with a few additional refinements and features including balanced transformercoupled PCC88tube line output stage as in EAR pro audio equipment. This allows true floating balanced output as well as identical quality unbalanced line out by RCA connectors.

EARYoshino 834T Integrated Amplifier, Superior Audio Magazine is the leading authority in highend audiophile music and audio equipment reviews. EARYoshino 834T Checked with other owners of EAR834P and i was advised all tubes are 12AX7.

Trex junior member Posts: 16 I got myself an EAR 834P w the volume pot. The (3) tubes are stock& bear the logo of EAR. The spartan manual states that the (3) tubes are 12AX7s. I want to tube roll, so I have some NOS Matsushita 12AX7s. The tubes at V1& V2 have Home Audio Equipment Review: April 1998.

Hey, Lend Me an EAR! by Tony Fafoglia. In the past, I viewed standalone phonostages with more than a bit of skepticism.

saying that there are EAR 864s in studios around the globe, but Tim's thinking pervades everything he makes. Using the latest Water Lily title, Jon Hassell's Fascinoma, as delicate a release as the label has issued, I was able to picture Kavi twiddling the knobs with added Alert for E.

A. R. 834L, 864 and 868 Line Stage Owners! Heres a discovery not in the owners manual! I was listening to my headphone amp being fed from the tape out of my 834L line stage. EAR Yoshino's Valve Product Portfolio Range.

Power Amps; EAR 534. A Pushpull power amplifier with 50 watts per channel stereo utilising eight EL34 (four per channel) into 4, 8 and 16 ohms. About EAR. EAR (formerly Esoteric Audio Research) is the brainchild of Tim de Paravicini, whose name has been associated since the 1970s with electronics of the highest fidelity.

De Paravicinis innovative techniques have not only borne fruit in products for EAR, but in designs for some of the worlds most highly regarded electronics manufacturers. Jul 19, 2011 How good is the EAR 834 L preamp? quality is good but its build quality is, IMHO, poor, contrary to Shadornes expectations that it would be robust.

The owners manual incorrectly identifies tubes or their locations or both, and manufacturer support was (is? )absymal. the 834l can compete with any thing out there 5000 to 6000 range. Also The EAR 868 is a fully balanced, transformercoupled design, offering balanced and singleended connections at input and output. It also offers a tape loop, remote control of volume, and several loadgain selections for the phono stage.

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