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Reinsurance Management, built upon a service oriented architecture, has APIs which allow insurers to integrate reinsurance data to other systems such as general ledger, billing, accounting, reporting, document management, and financial modeling. Discover a variety of resources and information dedicated to our community of TAI Users, including FAQ blogs, product guides, and TAI's annual User Group meeting. About TAI Since its establishment in 1985, TAI specialized in reinsurance administration software.

TAI. NET acts as an information highway for data to travel between ceding companies and their reinsurers. It allows you to process large volumes of life reinsurance new business, changes, and terminations automatically, so you no longer have to rely on spreadsheets, manual workarounds, or legacy systems. Right off the bat, Ill share with you that the system user manual is a useful resource. It has a wealth of knowledge that will help with solving your reinsurance errors if it is available to you.

For each of the TAI errors I mentioned above, the user would need to manually go into the specific policy marked for attention and take appropriate actions as outlined within the TAI user manual. Ultimately TAIs Reinsurance Software Solution is essential to our daytoday reinsurance administration services. The cohesiveness that the system provides and the automated integration to the general ledger proves invaluable.

Life Reinsurance Module (msg. LRM) is a mature software solution developed for the management of life and health reinsurance in insurance and reinsurance companies. Flexibility, maximum automation of processes and support of manual operations are the basic principles of the system.

Reinsurance is a stoploss program provided by AHCCCS to the Contractor for the partial reimbursement of covered medical services incurred for a member beyond an annual deductible level. Comprehensive Reinsurance Administration Starts Here What to expect from automation.

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