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Gaertner Sci. Ellipsometer Gaertner Scientific Corporation began in 1896 and now situated at Illinois USA. Over the years, they developed toolmakers microscope, precision slides and the polarizing spectrometer (ellipsometer). The Stokes Ellipsometer LSEUSB with convenient USB interface uses advanced StokesMeter technology (previous winner of Photonics Spectra and R& D 100 best new products awards).

The unit's simple yet robust design offers unprecedented ease of use and instantaneous measurement. The LSEWS Ellipsometer measures by reflecting a polarized laser beam from the sample surface at a 70 incident angle and determines the change in polarization caused by the sample virtually instantaneously.

The model LSE Stokes Ellipsometer is a continuation of an entirely new line of Ellipsometer based on the revolutionary StokesMeter technology (winner of Photonics Spectra and R& D 100 best new products awards). The Gaertner Scientific LSEWS Stokes WaferSkan Ellipsometer is a high speed film thickness mapping system measuring one site per second including stage travel. It uses advanced StokesMeter technology to give tiltfree, focus free, 2D3D color thickness and index images on any size wafer up to 300mm.

This ellipsometer uses advanced StokesMeter technology with no moving parts and no modulators to quickly and accurately determine the complete polarization state of the 6328 laser measuring beam at a 70 incidence angle. The laser light source has ample light intensity for increased measurement accuracy of absorbing and rough scattering This ellipsometer is used for measuring thickness and refractive index of transparent films, especially on a silicon substrate.

A disadvantage of this technique is the calculated film thickness leads to multiple solutions, so before measurement you need to know the thickness range (within 2800 for SiO 2 ). Marvell NanoLab Member login Lab Manual Contents MercuryWeb Berkeley Microlab Chapter 8.

35 Gaertner Stokes Ellipsometer (ellips 386) 1. 0 Titl e Gaertner Stokes Ellipsometer Operation 2. 0 Pu rpo s e The LSE Stokes Ellipsometer, made by Gaertner Scientific Corporation, uses the patented StokesMeter technology to DOCUMENT: GAERTNER L116S300 STOKES ELLIPSOMETER STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Version: Gaertner ellipsometer lse manuals. 0. 5. Fig.

1. c. Release the locator pin, and move the arm slowly up or down until the pin seats in the detent on the vertical plate. Tighten the clamp screw. (This accurately sets the angle of incidence) d. L 116C ELLIPSOMETER DESCRIPTION 5.

0 Gaertner ellipsometer lse manuals COMPONENTS The principle components of the L116C Ellipsometer are identified in Figures 1 2 and 1 3. 5. 1 Laser A red laser assembly, with a fixed wavelength of 632SA (632.

8 nm ), is adjusted to provide the low power (Class II, which is for under one milliwatt) light Includes Gaertner LSE Stokes ellipsometersolar cell optionbase plate, monitor, computer with software loaded, computer interface cable, sample table, manuals, measuring laserpower supply and power cords. This Gaertner Scientific LSE Stokes Ellipsometer is used and in excellent condition.

This instrument is complete and fully functional. This units features manual table tilt and height adjustments. Gaertner Ellipsometer User Instructions For the MicroElectronics Laboratory At University of Notre Dame Gaertner Modeling program works very closely to this as well.

2nd mode of operation is the 2Angle mode which is very similar as well. 1. Turn the Power onoff Keyswitch until the Power light on the front illuminates. 2. Start

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