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Oberheim 1Voice Expander Module OwnersUser Manual Contents: An owners guide for the operation of the equipment. (20) The Oberheim OB3 Drawbar Organ Expander is designed to add the classic" Drawbar Organ" sound to any MIDI keyboard or MIDI setup.

The compact design allows" HandsOn" control of the OB3, an important part of an authentic organ performance. easy to use Hammond emulating drawbar module dating from the early 1990's, also branded Viscount D9E and identical to the Oberheim OB3 (except for the colour of the casing) providing a pretty authentic sound with earth shaking bass! Philipp Koltsov's studio free patch collection Oberheim OB3 Hammond B3 drawbar settings: Try the Oberheim links. page for more. SUBMIT LINK to this page (Links submitted here will also be added to the manufacturer page) Please tell us if any of these links are broken: More Stories: OB32 Manual (v.

2. 0) Overview Front Panel Rear Panel 1. Before starting 1. 1 A few simple precautions 1. 2 Preliminary operations (Setup) 2. Controls and Adjustments Back to Oberheim Overview The Oberheim OB32 Drawbar Organ Expander is designed to add the classic drawbar organ sound to any MIDI keyboard or MIDI setupo. The compact design Oct 11, 2013 Oberheim Eclipse Electronic Piano& OB3 Drawbar Organ Module and as the review model came without a manual, I called UK distributors MCM to see if they could help.

Unfortunately, they didn't know either! Oberheim Eclipse Electronic Piano& OB3 Drawbar Or Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Z AES 2011; Sep 01, 2013 In 1995, Oberheim released the OB3, a littleknown drawbar organ module, subsequently eclipsed by Hammond and Roland's advanced electronic tonewheel organ emulations.

Now Oberheim have teamed up with Italian organ specialists Viscount to produce the enhanced OB3 2. You are bidding on myOberheim OB3 Squared 'Hammond Organ clone wheel sound module. Its in a really, really lovely condition for an item of this age however Im just not playing it any more sfrom Oberheim OB3 Squared Hammond Organ Clone Wheel Sound Module.

Sold for: Oberheim OB3 Squared Drawbar Organ Keyboard With Manual; Oberheim OB3 Drawbar Organ Expander in very good condition. Some wear from use, excellent operating condition.

Includes manual on CD and power cable. OB3 is a Oberheim Digital Echoplex (online manual) Oberheim OB3 2 Drawbar Organ Expander (online manual) Parker Guitars (official archive) Paul Reed Smith Guitars (set up instructions) Peavey (manuals, some schematics) Rickenbacker (manuals, schematics, parts info) Rocktron (official archive) Dec 31, 2002 I rehearsed a couple of times with the OB3 into a PA.

That really sucked. The volume pedal staircased in an unpleasant way, and there was a big gap in the lowest levels of sound. # 05: 15 PM Re: Oberheim ob3 module: RudyS MP Hall of Fame Member Registered: The Oberheim has some value and if you can get one OBERHEIM OB 3. Drawbar Organ Expander. OWNER'S MANUAL. OVERVIEW. The Oberheim OB3 Drawbar Organ Expander is designed to add the classic" Drawbar Organ" sound to

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