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D R02. 51 LPRO 4000 User Manual iii Using This Guide This User Manual describes the installation and operation of the LPRO line protection relay. 1 LPRO Rubidum Oscillator LPRO User's Guide& Integration Guidelines SO D Section 1Introduction1. 0 Description The Model LPRO is part of DATUM LPRO repair reference guide 1 EFRATOM LPRO101 Repair reference guide By Fred de Vries, PE1FBO, 2008 The Rubidium lamp housing is about 101 Celcius The Rubidium cell is about 71 Celcius The official temperatures (according to the manual) are 110 C for the lamp, and The Surplus 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard LPRO101 by DATUMEFRATOM in the ham shack Hans, DL2MDQ and Juergen, DD6UJS, similar to what is proposed in the LPRO101 Manual (6).

LPRO101 Efratom V Tested Datum Lamp Lpro Rubidium Oscillator 7. 24 10mhz Jan 03, 2008 Datum Efratom LPRO Rubidium Lamp removal. Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Antonio Iovane, Jan 2, 2008. Antonio Iovane Guest. Hi all, DATUM TymServe 2000 OpSv Manual request. DATUM TymServe 2000 OpSv Manual request.

DATUM TymServe 2000 OpSv Manual request. The Efratom LPRO101 is a Rb oscillator that can used to discipline the FLEX5000 and FLEX1500. Efratom used to be part of the Ball Corporation but is now part of Datum. The LPRO101 Rb reference is evidently very widely used in telephony applications; probably as a frequency reference for cell towers.

ttllpro101 The Efratom LPRO101 is designed with a goal of ten years of maintenancefree operation. According to Datum, each LPRO has been designed to have enough rubidium fill in the lamp to last for the required period, sufficient pulling range for the voltage controlled oscillator, and adequate dynamic range of the rubidium control loop.

Stability and Noise Performance of Various Rubidium Standards. The DatumEfratom LPRO101 has also been widely available in the range for the past few years. The LPRO101s have proven to be excellent performers. Like many of the other small rubidium standards, they were designed for a long maintenancefree lifespan.

A portable 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Reference using the Efratom LPRO101. Figure 1: Using the LPRO101 as a 10 MHz reference for microwave transverters. Operators manual for the LPRO101 This contains useful information on the hookup and operation of one of these units. Circuits tested were derived from figures 32 and 33 in the Datum LPRO101 manual (1. 6 MB. PDF). One drawback to the use of a 74AC04 as an amplifier is that it needs about 1.

8 volts pkpk to 'toggle regardless of input frequency.

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