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Oct 04, 2014 Well it is sort of like trying to compare apples to oranges. The RPMs that the engines have to turn to develop the horsepower is the key. The G2300 may have more horsepower, but it does it at higher RPMs and it cannot turn the larger propellers that the G3250 engine can. Slimline Products offers a huge selection of RC airplane Super Tigre exhaust mufflers. Jan 29, 2008 That is a Super Tigre 2500. The S2000 was the case. The displacement is 25cc or 1.

5 cu. in. I ran 168 or 186 props, but I'll bet one of the APC 176 props would be good. 29 rows  Stock No. Mfg. No. Description Photo; SUPG1827: : Carburetor Important: Please read and follow this instruction manual before operating your engine. These instructions have been written so that you may get the greatest satisfaction from the operation of your SuperTigre engine. Parts Locator SuperTigre Engines Get Replacement and Hop Up Parts For Less With Tower Hobbies' Parts Locator.

Parts available from us at reduced pricesdon't pay retail for parts again! Access comprehensive parts listings for the most popular Engines Super tigre 3250 manual arts carry from SuperTigre right here! ; Many parts qualify for Parts Saver TM reduced shipping! Orders that include exclusively Parts Saver TM please make sure you have the stock# when ordering or inquiring on items thank you. if you don't see it, ask! ! Welcome to Graves RC Hobbies your online hobby store and onestop shop for remote controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars and much more.

Mar 19, 2008 Re: super tigre thanks guys. finaly got it to run sweet tonight. found 2 issues. one was that their was a burr in the lower half of the spray bar. this really messed up the startlow end. also found the oring that came with the carb was too hard from the 10 plus years it was setting. replaced it with a new one and a little inward Dec 03, 2012 Banc d'essaie pour ce joli moteur Super Tigre S3250 de 32, 5cc, emmenant une Master Air Screw 18x10!

! ! Jul 11, 2007 RE: Super Tigre G3250 issue I went through two st3250's and followed the on line instruction on break in and went to large fuel lines and still had all kinds of high end trouble. I finally broke down and spent the 350. 00 for the 35cc 2. 13 Cu. Many fuels blended as SuperT, S. T. or SuperTigre fuels are fuels with low oil content. Be carefulin selecting your fuel. Some fuels contain less than 10 oil.

You must be careful setting the highspeed needle when you use fuels with low oil content, Oct 08, 1997 Looking for opinions on the big S. T. 's 2500 3250. Guys in our club don't have much positive to say about them. Recently tried gas a Quadra 35 in a Lanier Stinger 120 to be exact.

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