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Jan 03, 2013 The hiwatt echo sits perfectly in the mix. That's what I like best about it. I use it mostly to thicken up my soloing sound, but also for rockabilly slapback (which it excels at! ), and occasionally for spacey sounds. Jan 17, 2013 Just playing around with my new tape echo THC Sunset, THC 2x12 Flexback, Fender Strat Manual abstract: user guide HIWATT CUSTOM TAPE ECHO Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

Should your HIWATT product require service, you must contact either the HIWATT dealer you purchased it from or HIWATT Amplification directly, and Hi, I'm looking for a modern tape echo that is easy to take on the road. After searching on the web, I read something about a small tape echo unit from Hiwatt.

Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo Includes: Hiwatt Custom Tape EchoOriginal manual, power supply, rack mount bracket, shipping boxThis unit is in very nice condition. Used A slimline Japanese tape delay that will fit on your pedalboard, very similar to the VOCU VTE2000 tape echo. For sale in mint condition and excellent working order, complete with original packaging, manual, v PSU and a spare tape.

Jan 04, 2013  I have one and I use it daily. Very good sounding effect, obviously comes with the tape echo benefits and drawbacks. The major win for me is that the Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo Hiwatt Custom 20 Manual. Ace Tone (Roland) EC20 Echo Chamber image Includes: Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo, Original manual, power supply, rack mount bracket.

Boutique Quality, Point to point wiring, Military Style Construction.

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