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www. eyefi. com When using an EyeFi card, read the EyeFi card instruction manual carefully, and comply with the instructions. Use the EyeFi card in compliance with the laws EyeFi announced in July that its X2 line of WiFi SD cards would stop receiving support and essentially be rendered useless starting in September.

It encouraged people to instead upgrade to its Eyefi Mobi Pro is an SDHC memory card with a pro punch: available in 16GB and 32GB capacity, it includes builtin WiFi that connects your camera, at lightning speeds to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Note that EyeFi Pro X2 can also transfer RAW photos and even videos from your camera.

This can take 110 minutes depending on your camera resolution, number of Mobi and Mobi Pro troubleshooting guide Keenai Support Updated August 08 Look for the wireless network labeled" EyeFi Card" followed by some letters and numbers; Windows Computers with Wireless Adapters. Please see your camera's user manual for more details. Jul 16, 2015 The Eyefi Mobi Pro makes it easy to copy images from your camera to your phone or computer via WiFi, and adds features that aren't in the standard Mobi.

EyeFi Card Information EyeFI Upload (D800 only) (User's Manual: D800 page 313) EyeFI upload only shows on the Setup Menu of your D800 when you have an The picture above shows my personal EyeFi 8GB Pro X2 highspeed Class 6 level card (6 MB per second write speed). I'm an owner of an EyeFi Pro X2, EyeFi Mobi, and now EyeFi Mobi Pro. The Mobi Pro attempts to bring features from both the Pro X2 and the Mobi. EyeFi has discontinued the Pro X2 in favor of the Mobi Pro, so I will compare the two directly in this review.

EyeFi will soon end support for its X2 and older wireless memory cards, services and apps, according to a notice sent to customers today. Citing security concerns, the company will complete the 'end of life' stage on September 16, 2016 by ending server support. WiFi SD cards have become an essential tool for many professional photographers, and now EyeFi is reaching out to hobbyists and novices with the EyeFi Mobi SD card.

The Mobi shares many traits with the EyeFi Pro X2, which we reviewed alongside the Transcend WiFi SD card a while back. The only

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