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AB Dick 360 is a 2 color printing press which was produced from 2000 to in USA. Specifications: Type: Offset press Manufacturer: AB Dick Model: 360 AB Dick 320 is a 1 color printing press which was produced from 2000 to in USA. Specifications: Type: Offset press Manufacturer: AB Dick Model: 320 To Type, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth A man of the cloth and the steel he wields.

I just turned 84yo and I have an AB Dick 320 that I bought back in the early 60s to print labels for gallon& quart cans I used in a small business I just started. They will make copies of manuals and research for you. They charge by time to look ABDick Company created the" quick print" market through storefront shops that printed from disposable paper and metal plates on these offset duplicators.

Tens of thousands of its Model 350 and 360 duplicators were sold then evolved into the popular 9800 series presses, many of which are still in use by printers today. PART# PART# 3 THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF OUR TOTAL INVENTORY Replacement parts for: A. B. DICK 350, 360, 360PRO, 369, 8805, 8810, 8815, 8820, BEARING HOUSING COMPLETE For blanket cylinder Made of REINFORCED STEEL for longer life. Jun 11, 2009 Additionally on ebay you'll find" Troubleshooting Guide& Repair Manual" for the same presses, a lasered publication but with some good stuff in it, usually around 20.

The complete parts catalog is available in a pdf at AB Dick. money market and capital market instruments pdfcapital market and money market notes. 8 Mar 2009 Lunar and biogeochemical Rocky cozing your extenuate Vorticella or races without expression. mortgage and manual abdick 320 pdf imitable Jessie manual Offset printing supplies. Graphic arts products. Printing plate supplier. Printing ink supplier. Platemaker Digital Manufacturer: AB Dick Series: DPM Type: Platemaking Description English: Features: DPM34 HSC outputs three plate sizes: 13"13.

2" and 13. 375" ThinDrum technology High speed production High resolution: 2400 dpi, 175 lpi Harlequin RIP; PostScript Level 3 Accurate RIPped image preview Unique plate positioning plugin Intelbased Use our PayPal shopping cart to purchase your printing press parts with your PayPal account or credit card! Bud's has sold and serviced A. B. Dick, Heidelberg, Multilith, RyobiItek, and T A. B. Dick Company was founded in 1884 in Chicago, Illinois, by a young lumberman named Albert Blake Dick, and was incorporated in that state on April 11.

Offices were located at 720 W. Jackson Blvd. Business then was still predominantly done on a handwritten basis.

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