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What is AP Style Commonly accepted journalistic standards for usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Keep writing style easy to read, concise and The Office of Communications uses the below Writing Style Guide along with the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and Websters Dictionary as the standard for writing web content, employee communications, news releases, broadcast information, articles and other materials. The AP Stylebook has its own abbreviations for each state which can be found in the" state names" entry.

Eight states can never be abbreviated anywhere in the text: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, AP Style holds that a few universally recognized abbreviations are required in some instances and some other abbreviations are acceptable depending on the context, but in general, as a writer, you should avoid having your writing appear as if its alphabet soup.

When documenting sources using APA style, no abbreviations are used, all months should be spelled out in full. Both months and days of the week should start with capital letters and end with a period.

When abbreviating, use the following abbreviations: Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat. and Sun. Spell out the name of the month when it is used with a date, alone or with a year. Only abbreviate months when used in a table, chart or calendar. Associated Press Style Quick Reference Guide start here. For slide presentations of AP Style basics, go here. Style Rules Examples Academic degrees Use an apostrophe and spell out academic degrees Use abbreviations for degrees only when you need to include a list of credentials after a name; set them off with commas.

Qu i c k Associated Press Style R eference. The Associated Press was founded in 1848 as a cooperative effort among six New York newspapers that wished to pool resources for gathering international news. Im a huge fan of abbreviations because they make communication easier and spare me from unnecessary typing.

When Im writing in Associated Press style, though, it sometimes feels like these benefits disappear, since there are so many tricky AP style rules for abbreviations to remember (and occasionally Google, if were being honest). AP Style Cheat Sheet The AP Stylebook. This is the style guide that professional media use. The Stylebook is available in print form, as a smartphone app, or by subscription for classroom andor home computers: www.

apstylebook. com 2. Abbreviate months with six or more letters if they are used By Judy Vorfeld. Wonder how to abbreviate days of the week and months? Lets take three excellent style guides and see what they offer. THE GREGG REFERENCE MANUAL, TENTH EDITION (502) says, Days of the week, names of the months should be abbreviated only on business forms, in expedient documents, and in tables, THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE, 15th Edition, targets authors, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, and publishers.

" Where space restrictions require that the names of months be abbreviated, " it says,

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