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Dentron GLA1000 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dentron GLA1000 User Manual Operating Manual Dentron GLA1000B Linear Amplifier USEDThis is part of a ham radio collection I purchased. I will be listing lots of items from this collection. Because of the Buyer Protection Policy I am adding this to all listings. View and Download Dentron GLA1000 user manual online.

GLA1000 Amplifier pdf manual download. The DenTron GLA is a commercial The operating manual supplied with the GLA1000B isquite complete as regards instructions, diagrams and a parts list. There are a numberof precautions in the manual which must be observed. In spite of all the good qualities of this linear, one must Nov 09, 2009 Not homebrew but restoring a GLA1000b.

What I am hoping is that someone has one of these on the shelf that can take some pictures of. It appears that someone thought they could use a different tube in it and never finished the job. When I replaced the Dentron gla 1000 b manual tuner with the MFJ manual tuner I was able to fine tune the amplifier input so that I got about 420 watts output for 65 watts in.

I am very happy with this rebuilt GLA1000 amplifier and the experience was rewarding. The GLA1000B gives about 500W and that are more than enough for me.

This is a good entrance amplifier because its not so expensive, and you can convert it with EL509 tubes, and i have tons of them. I know that there are much bether amplifiers than the GLA100b, but the tubes for them are so expensive 200. The pictures are of the (my) older model 80, 40, 20 and 15 m Dentron GLA1000 (Plane, no tuned input) HF linear amplifier. The export model had not a 10 m imprint on the front but the band switch was equipped with a fifth state allowing an easy extension to 10 m.

Manual Reproduction of the factory operating manual for the Dentron GLA1000B amateur radio linear amplifier. This amplifier was a decent performer on 8015 meters, using four D Y073 Dentron GLA1000B 299. 95 SOLD HF Linear Amp The Dentron GLA1000B amplifier is for the 80 to 15 meter amateur HF bands. Drive requirement is watts. Power input is speced at 1200W SSB PEP or 800W CW via four D50A (6LQ6) finals.

The rear panel has a fan. Currently wired for 120 VAC and putting out W per band with 100W drive. Dentron GLA1000B (GLA 1000 B GLA1000B) PDF User Manual for Dentron GLA1000B (GLA 1000 B GLA1000B): (DTR 2000 L DTR2000L) service manual and specs Dentron GLA1000 (GLA 1000 GLA1000) service manual and specs Dentron GLA1000B (GLA 1000 B GLA1000B) service manual Manuals for Dentron This is the manuals page for Dentron.

In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff.

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