Mxi security stealth mxp bio manual

Innovative products such as MXI Securitys Stealth MXP Bio are bringing improvements in functional characteristics, technical abilities, and ease of use. Stealth MXP Bio MXI Security is a leader in providing superior managed portable security solutions. MXI Security solutions combine the power of strong user authentication and data encryption to protect access to sensitive information and systems.

MXI Securitys MXI Security introduced the new Stealth HD Series of encrypted USB hard drives. Replacing the wellknown Outbacker MXP Series, the Stealth HD Series is powered by MXI Securitys Bluefly Portable Security Processor. Stealth Key M700 Bio Biometric, password, and twofactor security Stealth MXP Password security Builtin ACCESS Standard software (no installation required) Private and application disk partitions Security ACCESS Standard User Guide 7 Security Stealth HD Bio Quick Start Guide 4 1 Introducing Stealth HD Bio Stealth HD Bio is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) portable hard drive with builtin biometric security, data encryption, digital identity, and cryptographic services.

Available with 128MB, 256Mb, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB of memory, MXI's Stealth MXP is a USB flash disk with a builtin fingerprint reader. The reader and USB ports slide inside the drive's housing, but it is stiff to operate and can be difficult to extract.

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Access to this portal is restricted to IFS Maintenix Customers. Mxi security STEALTH Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mxi security STEALTH Quick Start Manual Security Policy: View and Download MXI Security Stealth hd bio quick start manual online. Stealth hd bio Storage pdf manual download. Also for: Stealth. The Stealth Key M700 Bio from MXI Security is more than just a USB flash drive with a fingerprint reader.

This drive allows fully manageable multifactor authentication, including any combination of fingerprint, PIN and smart card. Stealth MXP offers strong threefactor authentication in conjunction with encrypted storage to solve two major security problems in one package. However, the development work required to get authentication services running limits it to enterpriselevel deployments.

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