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bioMrieux is celebrating 50 years of pioneering diagnostics. In over 150 countries worldwide, our diagnostic solutions are improving bioMrieux, Inc. is a worldwide leader in invitro diagnostics, offering microbiological testing solutions for medical and industrial applications. bioMerieux, Inc. In Vitro Diagnostics and Microbiology Testing Solutions Feb 28, 2011  This video presents how the VITEK 2 Compact microbial identification system works. An internal overview shows up the automated analytical steps as The VITEK 2 Streptococcus Susceptibility Card is intended for use with the VITEK 2 Systems in clinical laboratories as an in vitro test to determine the susceptibility of S.

pneumoniae, betahemolytic Streptococcus, and Viridans Streptococcus to antimicrobial agents when used as instructed in the Product Information manual. VITEK MS; Pharma. Welcome to bioMrieux University.

Pioneering Diagnostics. Healthcare. Healthcare Solutions. Clinical diagnostics provide a critical role in the diagnosis and monitoring of numerous pathologies and infectious diseases.

Get assistance and training on our healthcare solutions. Read More Food Safety. Welcome to the bioMrieux technical library. This section allows you to quickly access essential technical product documentation relating to bioMrieux products (MSDS, package inserts, quality control certificates), whether you wish to print it out or download it for reference. VITEK MS; Pharma. This course is an onsite Training course intended for both clinical and industry customers.

The easyMAG course is designed to train your laboratorys staff in the operation of the easyMAG total nucleic acid extraction platform. Legal Disclaimer: This site is intended for US residents VITEK 2: Healthcare. with minimal training time. The VITEK 2 system nextgeneration platform provides greater automation while increasing safety and eliminating repetitive manual operations. The rapid response time means results can be provided more quickly than with manual microbial identification techniques.

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