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View and Download Tektronix A6312 instructions manual online. 100 MHz ACDC Current Probe. A6312 Test Equipment pdf manual download. AM503B or AM5030 Use the following procedure to adjust the DC offset of the A6312 current probe when using an AM503B or AM5030 current probe amplifier. Equipment Settings Page 40: Table 14: Am 503bam 5030 Tektronix AM503B AM5030 Manual (PDF) Manuals Specifications Links Pictures. The Tektronix AM503 is a current probe amplifier plugin for the TM500 system.

Versions AM503A and AM503B have digital readout of deflection factor. The current probe input is an Amphenol connector. It contains pins for hall element and transformer This document contains information that supports basic instrument operation as well as how to service to the module level. On Sale Tektronix AM503B Zero. We take purchase orders and can provide special school, government and corporate pricing. 100 MHz ACDC Current Probe. Warning The servicing instructions are for use by qualified AM503B& AM5030 Instruction Manual ( XX) Preface viii A6312 Instructions Contacting Tektronix Phone Address Tektronix, Inc.

Department or name (if known) Manual CP500 Current Probe. CP500 Current Probe Instruction Manual January 2013. 700 Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY, Tel: (845) Connecting a current probe to a circuit under test may alter the characteristics of this circuit because of Operators Manual Rev A 3 Specifications The following specifications are valid for model AP015 current probes after the probe has reached operating temperature, which is AM503 CURRENTPROBE AMPLIFIER.

7eIdronbc INSTRUCTION MANUAL Tektronix, Inc. P. O. Box500 Beaverton, Oregon manual where they apply, but may not appear in this summary. In This Manual use with any of the compatible current probes (see Mechanical Parts list for Instruction Manual AM 503B& AM 5030 ACDC Current Probe Amplifiers This document applies for firmware version 3. 0 and above. Warning The servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel only. To avoid personal injury, do not AM503B Current Probe Amplifier AM503A Service Manual Manual Current Probe Amplifier Information is given to the module level, and may include product care and cleaning tips, troubleshooting information, adjustments, and how A6303& A6303XL 100 Amp ACDC Current Probe Warning AM503B& AM5030 Instruction Manual ( XX) Preface vi A6303& A6303XL Instructions Contacting Tektronix Current probes have three maximum current ratings: continuous, pulsed, and Amperesecond product.

Exceeding any of these ratings can cause measurement The AM 503 is a plugin modular currentprobe amplifier that operates in TM 500 Mainframes. It allows display of currentdivision on any oscilloscope with 10 mVdiv sensitivity, 50 ohm or 1 megohm input, and (for performance to full specifications) at least 100 MHz bandpass.

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