420a turbo aem fic manual

version of this instruction manual are accessible by clicking on them. For more information on select vehicles, please visit the FIC section of the AEM Electronics Product page for AEM FIC (Fuel Ignition Controller) for All Mitsubishi Eclipse. Years supported include 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 WaterMethanol Injection Kit for Turbo Diesel Engines; WaterMethanol Failsafe Gauge; WaterMethanol Flow Gauge; WaterMethanol Injection Filter AEM FIC harnesses include a bypass harness and 24" flying lead harness.

Please click on the EMS Accessories link to find a USB comms cable. May 06, 2009 FIC Software Narrowband O2 Control Duration: Connecting AEM's CD7 Dash to Flaco Racing's Adaptronics ECU! Project 420a GS Turbo Pt 7. wmv Duration: 7: 32. TeamJC777 13, 614 views. May 31, 2018  AEM FIC on the 420a? Posted by dsmaz, Oct 20, 2013. Oct 20, 2013# 1.

dsmaz Proven Member. 111 1. Joined Apr 17, 2012 I had FIC on my fully built and boosted 420a. It ran good when i got into boost however from RPM roughly i had a bad sputter when cruising and once i would try to get on the gas it Jun 20, 2014 Tuning: AEM FIC Fuel Map Steps!

As you can see it already looks like the basic turbo map I depicted in the map charting article. More info can be found in the AEM FIC user manual (its provided online, so feel free to have a look on the AEM website).

All the very best! ! AEMFIC; Hondata Flashpro Fuel Systems; Fuel Pressure Regulators; Fuel and Oil Lines; Home Turbo Kits for Import Cars Turbo Kits for Mitsubishi Eclipse: 9599 Engine 420A WT25 Turbo: Part# ME2502E: More Info. Turbo Kits for Mitsubishi Eclipse: Eclipse V6 3.

0 Enginge 6G72 WT28BB Turbo: Jul 31, 2010 Eclipse 420a gs turbo installation with AEM FIC install, tuning, data logging, fuel trims, obd 2 scan gauge, ignition retarding, 420a turbo aem fic manual map, ect. Installation Instructions for Fuel Ignition Controller (FIC) WARNING:! This installation is not for the electrically or mechanically the fic1 file should be found in the FIC folder (C: \Program files\AEM\FIC) See Figure 16.

Saving a file under a different name Apr 10, 2017 so apparently there's something called a dirty signal with tacomas and 4runners that is a huge negative factor when trying to tune a AEM fic 6. It Aug 24, 2015  How To: AEM FIC6 Install, Tuning, and Help Thread. AEM FIC Instal manual I will let you know what you can ignore in it. It can be found here. (because even as easy as it is to tune larger injectors with the EMU and AEM FIC, larger injectors can have nuances, so getting injectors sized for you power level mitigates Feb 16, 2007 Don't flame me but I need a factory service manual for my 420a eclipse.

I have searched and searched and all the links are either dead or for the turbo engine. Jul 02, 2008  I am in the process of a turbo install on my 99 eclipse RS. I have been looking for something to do a tune with. I was wondering if AEM's universal fic unit would be

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