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Army MOS Codes. Comment Email Print Tweet. Tweet. Related Articles. Navy Ratings; Marine Corps MOS Codes; Air Force Specialty Codes? 15P Aviation Operations Specialist; 15Q Air Traffic Control Operator; (This MOS will convert to a 21series MOS. The exact MOS number has not yet been announced.

) Marine Jobs; Navy Jobs; Careers Army Jobs U. S. Army Job Profile: 15P Aviation Operations Specialist Soldiers in this job, which is military occupational specialty (MOS) 15P, keep the planes running on time. MOS 15P requires a high degree of tactical and organizational competence, and while they may not see time in the cockpit, these Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions and details of MOS 7041 Aviation Operations Specialist; including qualification factors.

How to Become a 15P Aviation Operations Specialist Marine Corps Job: MOS 2629 Signals Intelligence Analyst. How to Become an Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist. ArmyStudyGuide. com provide extensive information about Aviation Operations Specialist (15P) (ArmyStudyGuide. com) MOS Information Aviation Operations Specialist (15P) Aviation Operations Specialist (15P) The Aviation Operations Specialist is primarily responsible for scheduling and dispatching tactical aircraft Please remember, you must meet the MINIMUM prerequisites for the Warrant Officer MOS for which you will apply, or you must request a prerequisite waiver.

15P: Aviation Operations Specialist. 153A. 140A. Enlisted MOS Conversion List (Marine) If you dont find a MOS here then its either not in the PERSCOM MOS Smart Book or its career progressional MOS (00Z, 11Z, 21N, 63X, etc. ) Reserve Component Only MOS Click on MOS Number 09 19 37 51 74 15PAviation Operations Specialist DA Pam Table 10 ATRRS MinQual 15QAir Traffic Control (ATC) Operator SECNAVINST 1650.

1H AUG 2 2 2005 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. General Information Section 1. GENERAL. 110. Purpose of the Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual November 2009 Soldier s Manual and Trainer s Guide MOS 15P Aviatio on Operations Specialist Skill Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Plan, schedule, and coordinate Marine Corps annual training and PME for Headquarters and Service Battalion Personnel.

In conjunction with Director, Marine Corps Staff, arrange for support of special events requiring Marines. Please remember, you must meet the MINIMUM prerequisites for the Warrant Officer MOS for which you will apply, or you must request a prerequisite waiver. 15P 153A Rotary Wing Aviator: 1C1xx: Air Traffic Control Operator: 15Q Enlisted MOS Conversion List (Marine) STAYING MARINE mil 9th Marine Corps District SOLDIERS MANUAL and TRAINERS GUIDE MOS 31E MOS 95C eBooks is available in digital format.

[PDF SOLDIERS MANUAL AND TRAINERS GUIDE UNITED STATES ARMY 21M CMF 21 training requirements for the military occupational specialty. SOLDIERS MANUAL List of United States Marine Corps MOS; References AR 6111 Military Occupational Classification Structure Development and Implementation (PDF) Field Manual 721.

13, Appendix F: Arms and Services of the Army; MOS charts United States Army PAMXXI Personnel Authorizations Module; External links. PAMXXI (Personnel Authorizations

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