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View and Download SteppIR 3 Element Yagi instruction manual online. SteppIR Antennas 3 Element. 3 Element Yagi Antenna pdf manual download. SteppIR 3 Element Yagi Instruction Manual. Antenna SteppIR Dream Beam 42 Assembly Manual (56 pages) 3 Element Yagi Instruction Manual Revision 3.

0 Dec 2012 2112 116TH AVE NE SUITE 15, BELLEVUE WA, WWW. STEPPIR. COM TEL: (425) FAX: (425) FluidMotion 3 Element SteppIR. A decision on a multi band antenna at the qth was a difficult one to make. The Amateur radio antenna market is a minefield of good and not so good products all promising magical gain figures, 3 Element Assembly Instruction Manual. pdf app. download file 1. 44 MB.

The 3 element Yagi is the original Steppir antenna. Using our proven technology it gives continuous frequency coverage from 13.

8 to 54 Mhz. There have been many improvements over the years like the addition of a an optional 4030M rotatable dipole and our now standard electronic controller, the SDA100. The 3 element Yagi with the 4030 dipole option is [ Sep 25, 2012 For comparison purposes the 3 element SteppIR and the Optibeam 115 would cover the same bands (except no 6 meters on the Optibeam), with approximately the same gain. Before you even get to comparing the electrical specs you have to consider the physical differences.

Manufacturer Name Type Language Pages Filesize [kB Notes Status; AlphaDelta: DXB Metres Single Wire Sloper: ENG: 6: 219: AlphaDelta: DXDD 8040 Metres Delta Diploe Choosing the SteppIR 3element was not a difficult decision. User reports are almost all very positive perhaps even glowing with enthusiasm.

My most difficult decision was whether or not to wait for the pending Dream Beam DB18, which has two elements on 40M, on an 18foot boom. Oct 14, 2012 Today's 3element" 2010 6m" SteppIR is better built than your friend's 6yearold model. I have had the good fortune to try both old and new, as a friend very kindly lent us his older model to try last winter. SteppIR 3 Element Troubleshooting Manual. Hide thumbs Antenna SteppIR Dream Beam 42 Assembly Manual (56 pages) Summary of Contents for SteppIR 3 Element.

Page 1: Read This First. 3& 4 Element Troubleshooting Guide 1 of 5 www. steppir. com The Most Common Problems (read this first! ) The antenna is out of calibration, perform the calibration Building Yagis Part 3 (SteppIR DB36) more pictures and details on this part of our project in hopes of helping others who might be building one of the SteppIR Dream Beam (DB) antennas.

Each element has a slightly different configuration so its important to carefully follow the instructions in the manual for each one.

We marked each You can write your own review of the SteppIR Fluidmotion 4 Element. Page 1 of 3 Time owned: 0 to 3 months I have had this beam for just a week, and it is tremendous. Initially I had a few problems putting it together and making it work, as the manuals are not up to date, but the technical support and advice from Steppir was tremendous SteppIR Troubles Data from a test section on this date My initial concern of abnormal operation of my SteppIR 3Element beam was caused by a somewhat elevated SWR and a loss of fronttoback performance of the beam.

It still works fairly well but certainly with reduced effectiveness. I have had the

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