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durr VSA suction system your dental equipment sales, service and training partner DE UK. p The power of the suction systems is based on a factor of 300, which Whethe ou urger a n evera eatmen ooms r e Wet Suction System on and with with stem s the power of two operator The Variosuc VS and VSA variants impress users with their Consult DRR DENTAL AG 's entire V VS VSA 300 S catalogue on MedicalExpo.

Page: 118. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Exhibit with us currencyLabel Quality right down to the details Page 06 Suction systems by Durr Dental really make a difference! The range of V and VS Suction Units for the practice surgery enables up to The Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump is a fantastic solution for any practice looking for a reliable and robust single surgery suction pump. With legislation in place stating the need for amalgam separation, the Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pumps fully integrated centrifuge separator is a must.

The Durr VSA 300 Suction Pump is currently one of the most popular suction pumps used in dental practices presently and is ideal for single surgery use. The Durr VSA 300 S is a good reliable unit, but is asked to perform a lot of tasks, so does require regular maintenance and sometimes replacement.

The VSA technology developed by Drr Dental combines the complex system of suction unit, separation and amalgam separation in a single unit and on one drive shaft, the VSA 300 S, especially suitable for oneroom surgeries.

Durr VSA 300 S Products VSA 300 S three components in one unit Bearing in mind all the demands placed on it, a suction machine should not only separate the mixture of air, secretion and solids but should also separate the amalgam particles and collect them in a collection vessel. Installation and operating instructions VS 300 S VS 600 VS 900 combisuction unit The VSA 300 S is designed to be installed in or added to all treatment stations in dental surgeries and clinics where amalgam will be encountered The VSA 300 S fulfills both the regulations concerning waste water in the Federal republic of Germany as well as the international DIN EN VSA 300 S ASPIRATION SYSTEM Find more than 30, 000 products for your dental clinic at the best price.

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