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Other martial artists and Chinese martial art historians, such as Miller, Cartmell, and Kennedy, hold that this story is largely legendary; while Xing Yi Quan may well have evolved from military spear techniques, there is no evidence to support that Yue Fei was involved or (Titles include Xing Yi Mother Fist, Xing Yi Eight Forms, Mixed Forms Fist, Xing Yi An Shen Pao, and Xing Yi Five Forms Linked Fist.

) The first of these is the most comprehensive, while the latter three discuss specific xingyi forms. The aim of the training is to provide participants with a structured and indepth study of Hebei style Xing Yi Quan, both in technical and pedagogical terms.

Due to its advanced nature, this training is intended for experienced practitioners, especially those with a teaching background. In the Tekken series, Wang Jinrei uses Xing Yi Quan, while Michelle Chang and her daughter, Julia Chang, use Xing Yi mixed with wrestling and other Chinese martial arts. In the Mortal Kombat series, Shao Kahn employs Xing Yi Quan as well as Tai Tsu Chang Quan. Xing Yi Quan training is designed for just this purpose. The goal is to have the mindintention shape the form or postures.

The forms and progression of training in Xing Yi Qun are structured and progressive and make this art unique and powerful. Our school offers a system of Xing Yi that includes traditional routines and applications as follows: Five Phases (Five Fists) which include Pi, Zhuan, Beng, Pao, Heng which correspond to the Five Phases of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

Xing Yi Academy is an online Xing Yi Quan training academy. Providing information and insights into the rare Chinese martial art of Xing Yi Quan.

Laoshi (Ins Xing Yi means 'form intention' in English. The use of this name implies the utilisation of body shape or form to release strength. The name is emphasising the connection between body shape and striking and the use of the mind to release striking power ie the link between the insubstantial mind and the substantial body.

Xing Yi at CTMAA The Xing Yi system was first taught by Mr. Ji Long Fong, a spear expert, after he learned it from a Taoist in Mt. Chung Nan in the 17th century. After hundreds of years of evolution, there are three major styles of Xing Yi: Hebei, Shanshi, and Henan.

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